Is this the best value Drawstring Gym Bag on the market?
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Carry your dreams with you...

The Zavalti ProGym Story

We intially started out selling other people's bags, but over the years the quality kept going down. In the end we didn't feel comfortable selling what was basically junk... It was time to start making our own bags.

With that in mind we set out to make the best quality drawstring bag possible and at a reasonable price. Judging by the response from our many happy customers we think we've achived exactly that.

Instead of our quality going down, we've INCREASED the quality of our bags over the years. In fact many of our customers tell us that our bags are better quality than any other drawstring backpack they've found, including MAJOR brand names...

And who are we to argue with our customers?

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 placeholder image   Large capacity - Suitable for adults and older children

 placeholder image   Perfect for School PE kits, Sports & fitness, Holidays & Travel...

 placeholder image   Very large zip pocket to keep important items separate

 placeholder image   Thick drawstrings prevent cords cutting into your shoulders

 placeholder image   Thick 420D material for better strength and longevity

 placeholder image   Double stitched AND reinforced seams for extra durabilty

 placeholder image   Adjustable cords - Cut to desired length and seal with a flame

Available in a choice of colours...

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Product Overview

The ProGym is one of the best value drawstring bags on the market.

We designed it from the ground up using high quality materials and the best construction methods to ensure your bag lasts a long time.

So versatile it's the perfect bag for any occasion. One customer said they use it much more than they thought because it's so practical.

Why not grab yours TODAY!

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